President Julie Foisy, MPH
Vice-President: Governance Gurjinder Gill, MHSc RD
Vice-President: Finance Dhvani Katakia, MPH
Vice-President: Communications Elsa Cabral, MHSc
Outreach Officer Alison Crepinsek, MPH
Awards Officer Susan Campisi, MHSc
New Alumni Officer Jessica Law, MPH
Engagement Officer Ramlogan Sowamber, MPH
DLSPH School Affairs Officer Lauren Della Mora, MPH
University Affairs Officer/College of Electors Rep. Jennifer Bell, MPH
Faculty Representative Vacant
Member-at-Large Arif Jetha, Ph.D.
Zoran Bojic, MHSc
Immediate Past President Cameron Norman, Ph.D

Ex-Officio Members include:

  • The Dean of the DLSPH, or designate
  • DLSPH Advancement Officer or designate
  • DLSPH External Relations Officer

Did you know?

All graduates of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and its predecessor departments, divisions, and units are members of the Public Health Alumni Association (PHAA).

The PHAA’s diverse and impressive membership includes graduates of the:

  • Department of Public Health Sciences/Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences
  • Departments of Preventive Medicine & Biostatistics, Behavioural Sciences, Occupational & Environmental Health
  • Division of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine
  • University of Toronto School of Hygiene