Directed Reading: International Health Development

Course Number
CHL7001H S6
7000 (Reading Courses & Research Projects)
Course Instructor(s)
Shafi U. Bhuiyan

course description

The field of international health promotes better health care and improved quality of life around the world by bringing together experts and organizations to work collaboratively towards strengthening global health. International health professionals seek to improve the health and life-expectancy of people around the world by managing health issues that threaten populations. Essential to achieving this goal is the collaboration between international health professionals, who work to improve and enhance equal access to healthcare. This course will provide a vibrant opportunity to interact and learn from one another and will focus on discussing the selected international health development topics including maternal, neonatal, and child health system in the developing and developed countries.

course objectives

1. To enable the students to develop an understanding of International health development, in terms of the interaction of global, national, regional and local context.
2. To acquire a clear concept about primary health care and population health in developing countries.
3. To attain the ability to think critically and contribute to international health development through interactive learning.
4. To develop a project proposal focusing on International health development through international collaboration.

methods of assessment

Comparisons on international health profiles of OECD: 25%
Briefing note: Media report on health care policy/management: 15%
Individual or group report/presentation: 20%
Final paper/ Secondary research paper (maximum 10 pages): 40%