Directed Reading: Introduction to Systematic Reviews and Meta-​Analyses

Course Number
CHL7001H S3
7000 (Reading Courses & Research Projects)
Course Instructor(s)
Andrea C Tricco

course description

The overall course objective is to teach about systematic reviews in general, as well as how to go about doing a systematic review. This information will be used by the students to conduct a systematic review in the topic of their choice, with guidance from the course instructors.

course objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Differentiate systematic reviews from other types of reviews, including qualitative evidence reviews
  • Identify which organizations conduct systematic reviews
  • Discern individuals who can be involved with the systematic review team
  • Distinguish between different types of evidence that can be summarized in a systematic review
  • Develop a systematic review question
  • Establish the eligibility criteria for a systematic review
  • Create a systematic review protocol

methods of assessment

Assignment 1 (systematic review question): 30%
Assignment 2 (systematic review protocol): 50%
Quizzes: 10%
Participation: 10%

General Requirements

Open only to PhD students.