HS574, 155 College ST, Toronto
  • December 11, 2013 (all day)

The seminar will be presented by:

Professor Emeritus Merrijoy Kelner:  Since her retirement from teaching in 1993, Professor Kelner has devoted her scholarly attention almost exclusively to research on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), with major support from SSHRCC. She began a pioneering study of how individual and social factors influence the way citizens in the Toronto area make choices about their health care. It was a retrospective study looking at the patients of family physicians, chiropractors, traditional Chinese medicine doctors/acupuncturists, naturopaths and Reiki healers. In 1998, Kelner invited leading scholars from across disciplines, healing philosophies and countries to the first international social science conference on CAM. The purpose of the conference was to examine the definition and the growth of CAM, the characteristics of users, the socio-political context, medical pluralism, assessing efficacy, linking research and health policy; the trend toward legitimation and professionalization and its impact on the health care system.

Given the interest in CAM at the time and with an expanded research team, she changed direction from the study of patients to examine the process of professionalization. She extended her scope to study CAM leaders, provincial and federal government policy makers, the medical establishment, and consumer groups in Ontario. Today she is looking at interprofessional collaboration as expressed in local integrative health care clinics as well as to the reasons patients choose to seek help from such clinics.

Beverly Wellman: Wellman became a graduate student in the Department of Behavioural Science under Professor Kelner's supervision in order to study CAM. She completed her M.Sc. in the use of medical and CAM care for low back pain (1990). Wellman was able to persuade Statistics Canada to include questions on the use of CAM in the National Population Health Survey. Since 1993, she has been collaborating with Professor Kelner in a long range analysis of CAM health care and as co-author in numerous articles and book chapters.

The next seminars are , January 20th, February 24th, March 17th, and April 21.

Hope to see you on December 11th.

Best,  Carol Strike, Pam Kauffman and Maritt Kirst