Health Sciences Building, 155 College Street, Room 108
  • September 28, 2016 from 4:10pm to 5:30pm

The RCH clinical ethics service was established in 2005, becoming the Children’s Bioethics Centre (CBC) in 2008 with additional responsibilities in education and research. Ethical case consultation is initiated by referring clinicians, and deliberated in a collaborative partnership between the treating team and the Clinical Ethics Response Group (CERG). The CERG consists of about 40 individuals, including CBC philosophy ethicists, and others representing all clinical professional groups, pastoral care and legal services. The aim is to facilitate ethical decision making by clinicians through structured exploration of options and their ethical implications, with nonbinding advice to the referring clinician. The typology of referrals will be described. The CBC has recently published a book describing the ‘Zone of Parental Discretion’, used in ethical considerations when clinicians and parents disagree about medical treatment.