Denise Gastaldo
155 College St., Room HS 108, Toronto, ON
  • May 15, 2017 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm

This panel will address the question of whether critical qualitative approaches are compatible with mixed methods approaches, from the perspective of three critical qualitative health researchers who also use mixed methods approaches in their work.

Dr. Janet Parsons will open with some critical reflections on what it means to do mixed methods ‘well’, how difficult this is in practice (particularly in an applied health research setting) and how rarely mixed methods research fulfills its promise of transcending paradigmatic divides – particularly in light of social structural constraints on researchers.

Dr. Daniel Grace will follow with an example from his mixed methods research in the area of sexual health, drawing particular attention to what mixed methods researchers can learn from the experiences of our research participants with the various data collection methods we utilize.

Finally, Dr. Andrea Daley will describe the decisions and processes associated with a recent study about the home care experiences of sexual and gender minority people, highlighting the extent to which the paradigmatic assumptions underlying this mixed methods project align with the ethics of social justice promotion. Together, and in dialogue with the audience, we aim to elucidate both the challenges and the potential of mixed methods research as approached through a critical qualitative lens.