Baycrest, 3560 Bathurst St. Toronto ON. Jacob Family Theatre in Posluns Auditorium
  • June 20, 2016 from 8:30am to 5:00pm

The Research Training Centre (RTC) is pleased to announce its inaugural Innovative Perspectives in Neuroscience Conference at the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest. This conference will provide attendees the opportunity to gain hands-on, practical and interactive experience with industry experts as well as explore exciting careers in neuroscience.

Conference itinerary includes:

1. Expert speakers from diverse domains in neuroscience.

The morning will kick-off with guest speakers from diverse domains in neuroscience including industry and not-for-profit organizations. Participants can explore pathways and career avenues that align with academic pursuits and where the direction of neuroscience is heading in the future. The panel of speakers so far includes:

Neil Fraser Graeme Moffat
President, Medtronic Canada Director of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Muse

2. Trainee Meet-and-Greet Networking Lunch (Reserved for Undergraduates, Master’s and PhD Students, Post-doctoral Fellows)

Lunch will be provided for attendees interested in participating in the Networking Lunch. Participants will be able to meet with an expert panel and gain insights into careers and discuss avenues for professional development. Additionally, pointers will be provided to guests to help them navigate through a networking lunch experience.

*A small charge will be applied for lunch

3. Case Competition

Interested applicants will compete as a team in a neuroscience-based case competition. The majority of team members must be trainees (of any discipline) and only one team member can be research staff (e.g., research assistants, lab manager, lab technician). Teams will be required to submit a one-page proposal outlining their brain health solution or plan for innovation adoption in the first phase of the case competition. Semi-finalists will be contacted for the second phase and receive mentorship by a MaRS Innovation representative to build a pitch for the adjudication panel on conference day. The selected finalists will then present their pitch to the panel and winners will be awarded a monetary prize and an internship opportunity with one of the partner organizations. Note the case competition pitches are open to all spectators on conference day. Winners will be determined and announced on the day of the conference.

* please note internships are only available to trainees, job shadowing opportunities may be available for research staff