7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, Ontario M5S 3H3, Debate's Room (2034)
  • January 28, 2019 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

This year, the UTIHI is taking part in a campaign to change the narrative associated with substance use disorders, reshaping harmful power dynamics and replacing judgement with empathy, compassion and community support. Our vision is to highlight concepts critical to tackling stigma, empower diverse stakeholders at the center of the epidemic and recognize promising initiatives designed to support the community. Our main goal is to humanize individuals suffering from substance use disorders by committing to reducing health inequities and raising awareness.

Join us on January 28, 2019, for an exciting mini-symposium exploring three unique perspectives on the current substance use epidemic. Our panel of professionals will challenge current misconceptions and examine the epidemic from a healthcare, industry and patient lens. We will explore the role of harm reduction policy, how healthcare design is implemented in relation to SUDs and effects on family and supportive systems. The panel will conclude with a Q&A period. Panelists include:

1. Leigh Chapman, RN, PhD Candidate, harm reduction activist, co-founder of the Toronto Overdose Prevention Society (@TorontoOPS)

2. Kate Sellen, PhD, Associate Professor at OCAD University, SOONER (Surviving Overdose through Naloxone Education and Research) Project Lead

3. Sydney Graham, Engagement Specialist and Educator, Families for Addiction and Recovery

Following the panel, attendees will move into an art/story exhibit that highlights community voices impacted by substance use. All proceeds will go towards the Toronto Overdose Prevention Society!