Health Science Building
  • October 23-24, 2015 from 12:00pm to 12:00pm

This this two-day conference aims to bring the health impact of race and racism to the forefront of public health by providing a forum for practitioners, academics, community members and students to:

1. Facilitate knowledge exchange and increase awareness about the new findings from research and practice on racism and health.

2. Connect individuals and organizations working on these issues to develop innovative collaborations locally.

3. Empower participants to apply learned knowledge into future projects focused on reducing the health impacts of racism and mitigate racism in all its forms.

As global discussions on racial inequities are heating up, the conference committee is excited to dedicate two days toward exploring the health-related inequities that occur as a result of racism and how the field of public health can intervene. They are especially excited to engage in discussions around how multiple sectors can and must collaboratively work together to find solutions to address structural racism. The importance of these discussions are reflected in the nature of conference sub-themes, which include:
• Aboriginal and Indigenous Health
• Newcomer, Immigrant and Refugee Health
• Environmental Racism and the Built Environment
• Racialized Health in the Digital Age
• Systemic and Institutionalized Racism
• Gaining Anti-Racism Skills for Public Health