MSB Stone Lobby (1 King’s College Circle)
  • November 9, 2018 from 1:00pm to 4:30pm

This event brings together students, faculty and our esteemed community partners to showcase DLSPH Masters and PhD students’ practical experiences and latest research. Come spend an afternoon with us in celebrating students’ posters and oral presentations.  An award ceremony will take place at the end.

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1-1:15pm Opening remarks

1:15-1:45pm Poster Evaluation by 1st judge (all posters will be displayed from 1-2:30pm)

1:45-2:15 pm Poster Evaluation by 2nd judge

1:15-4:15pm PhD oral presentations

4:15pm Awards and closing remarks

Masters students: Posters presentation – we encourage all students to submit an abstract for a poster that showcases work form any stage of research or practical experience.  At least 2 judges will circulate and provide feedback/ask questions about each poster.

Students can choose to present a poster in 1 of the 2 categories: Practice or Research:

  • Practice: The poster focuses on your practicum experience or projects you worked on, that may or may not be research related.
  • Research: The poster presents a research project. It will most likely be set up as a conventional research poster with background, methods, results and implications.

All poster presenters are expected to be by the posters from 1-2:30pm as judges will be circulating.  We strongly encourage poster presenters to view PhD oral presentations afterwards.

PhD students: Oral presentations – we welcome PhD students to present their research or practical experiences to an audience of faculty, students and community partners.  A panel of judges will ask questions and provide feedback regarding each presentation.  The presentation will be around 5-15 minutes long. More details will follow.


Monday, October 5, 2018 5pm Students will be notified of decision regarding poster oral presentation abstract submission

Friday, October 19, 2018 5pm  Deadline for poster submission – DLSPH will cover the cost of printing for your poster in black and white (paper quality) only.

Late posters will not be considered.

Poster  Once the abstract has been submitted and accepted, DLSPH will print your poster (36” height x 48” width) for free. The poster will be in black and white – paper quality. You can also choose to use a colored pre-printed poster.  If you choose to bring your own poster, you do not need to submit an e-copy.

It is not advised that dark colors be used. If possible, you should submit a poster that is black and white (and gray if you would like some slight shading). In the past, students have submitted colorful posters but they turn out to be too dark and text was very hard to read. 

Award Ceremony Prizes will be awarded at the reception held at the end of the event. To be eligible to win a prize, presenters must be available for the whole duration of the event.

Questions – please contact practicum.dlsph@utoronto.ca