Charlotte Lombardo
  • November 29, 2017 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm

The mission of the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa  (CARTA)  is to build high level capacity for population and public health-related research in Africa. CARTA leverages resources and mentorship from 12 African Universities and Research Institutions plus multiple non-African Partners.  Fellows are selected competitively and provided intensive face-to-face and distance research training throughout doctoral studies, and early post-graduate years.  Participation offers many advantages to fellows and supervisors and demands high quality work and timely progress. Fellows meet key landmarks to graduate in four years.  By mid-2017 CARTA had enrolled 175 fellows, graduated 41 and accumulated 531 peer-reviewed publications. Graduates have achieved significant research positions and grants. The DLSPH and Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research are proud participants with much to learn from this initiative. Speakers will reflect and answer questions about the design, philosophy and specific activities of this initiative.

Light refreshments will be served. Suggestions for future sessions welcome, please contact Charlotte Lombardo at: