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Yogendra B. Shakya PhD

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4163240927 x 286
Office Address
Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services 340 College Street, Suite 500 Toronto, ON M5T 3A9
Social & Behavioural Health Sciences Division
Assistant Professor
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Research Interests

  • Social Determinants of Newcomer Health
  • Racialized Health Disparities
  • Newcomer and Refugee mental health
  • Interprofessional Models of HealthCare
  • Community-based Research
  • Poverty Reduction
  • Globalization and Neoliberalism

Other Affiliations

Advisory Council Member, Ontario Multicultural Health Applied Research Network (OMHARN)

Research Mentor, Social Aietology of Mental Illness (SAMI) Training Program

Selection Committee Member, CAMH Fellowship in Community Based Research

Steering Committee and Founding Member: Toronto Community Based Research Network.

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

Professional Summary & Appointments

I hold status appointment as Assistant Professor in the Social and Behavioral Health Science Division of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. I work as a Senior Research Scientist at Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services.

Honours & Awards

Current Research Projects

Program Lead and Co-Principal Investigator, Income Security, Race and Health Research Working Group, (2006- 2011); $264,000 budget through multiple research/KTE grants (Population Health Intervention Research Network, Wellesley Institute’s Advanced Research Grant, Metcalf Foundation Community Innovations Grant, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council); 16 partners; 22 Community Researchers.

Program Lead and Co-Principal Investigator, Addressing Social Determinants of Refugee Youth Health (2008 to 2012); $428,000 over three years from Immigrant Settlement Assistance Program Research Stream (Program B), Citizenship and Immigration Canada; 9 partners; 17 refugee youth community researchers.

Program Co-lead and Co-Principal Investigator, Exploring Mental Health of Newcomer Youth, Access Alliance Multicultural Community Health Centre (2007 to 2009). In collaboration with Dr Nazilla Khanlou (York University) and Dr Carles Muntaner (CAMH). $142,258 budget funded by Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO grant; 8 newcomer youth community researchers.

Co-Principal Investigator (Access Alliance as lead sponsoring institution; Program Lead – Dr Ilene Hyman), Migration and Diabetes Study, (2009 to Present); $180,000 budget; first phase (focusing on Chinese, Pakistani, Bengali and Tamil community) commissioned and funded initially Public Health Agency of Canada and International Commission on Migration and Diabetes; second phase (focusing on Carribean community) funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Case Study Project Lead and Co-Principal Investigator, ‘Skills Mismatch’ and Precarious Employment Faced by Racialized Refugee & Immigrant Women in Toronto: Racialization and Gender Politics of Current Shifts in the Labor Market, (2010 to present); Case Study 6 Funded through Community University Research Alliance grant (Lead Investigator, Dr Wayne Lewchuk); $60,000 plus KTE support. 7 partners; 8 Newcomer women community researchers.

Program Lead, Best Practices in Inter-professional Models of Care for Government Assisted Refugees, (2008-2010); $279,520 budget funded by Health Force Ontario.

Co- Principal Investigator, Computer-assisted Psychosocial Risk Assessment (CaPRA) for Refugee Health and Settlement –Pilot Phase; In collaboration with Dr Farah Ahmad (York University).

Co-Principal Investigator, Building Community Mapping Capacity on Newcomer Health. $10,000 grant from Centre for Urban Health Initiatives. In collaboration with Dr Claus Rinner and Dianne Patychuk (consultant epidemiologist from Steps to Equity).

Program supervisor, Newcomer Health in Toronto (2010-2011). $80,000 grant from Toronto Public Health.

Program Lead, Building Capacity for Knowledge to Action Champions (2012 to present), $60,000 grant from City of Toronto’s Access, Equity and Human Rights grant and $12,000 grant from Toronto Arts Council.

Representative Publications

  • *Ahmad, F., Shakya Y. B., Li. J. Khoaja K., Norman C., Lou W., Abuelaish. I., and H. M. Ahmadzi (2012). A Pilot with Computer-assisted Psychosocial Risk –assessment for Refugees. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 12:71

    *Shakya, Y. B., Guruge, S. Hynie, M., Akbari, A. Malik, M., Htoo, S., Khogali, A., Mona, S. A., Murtaza, R., and S. Alley (2011). Educational Aspirations among Newcomer Refugee Youth in Toronto: Expectations, Challenges and Strategies. Refuge 27(2): 65-78

    *Hyman I., D. Patychuk, Q. Zaidi, Y.B. Shakya, J. A. Rummens, M. Creatore, and B. Visandjee. (in Press). Self-management, health service use and information seeking for diabetes care among recent immigrants in Toronto. Chronic Diseases in Canada.

    Shakya, Y. B., Khanlou, N., and Gonsalves, T. (2010). Determinants of Mental Health Newcomer Youth: Policy and Service Implications. Canadian Issues: Immigrant Mental Health. Summer 2010: 98-102.

    Wilson, R. M., Murtaza, R. and Y. B. Shakya (2010). Pre-migration and Post-migration Determinants for Newly Arrived Refugees in Toronto. Canadian Issues: Immigrant Mental Health. Summer 2010: 45-50.

    *Shakya, Y. B. and K. Rankin (2008). The Politics of Subversion in Development Practice: an exploration of microfinance in Nepal and Vietnam. Journal of Development Studies. 44 (8):1214 – 1235

    *Collins, E., Shakya, Y. B., Guruge, S. & E. J. Santos (2008). "Services for women in the post-migration and settlement context: access, equity and quality" In Enid Collins and Sepali Guruge (Eds), Working with Women in the Context of Immigration and Settlement: Issues and Strategies for Mental Health Professionals, Toronto: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

    Shakya, Y. B, Guruge, S., Hynie, M., Akbari A., Htoo S., Jandu, B. and R. Murtaza (Accepted). Refugee Youth as Resettlement Champions for their Families: Resilience, Empowerment and Vulnerabilities. In Simich, L. and L. Anderman (eds). Refugee resettlement and mental health: Promoting refugee resiliency, constructing health equity International Perspectives on Migration, Springer. Peter Li and Baha Abu-Laban, Series Editors

    Khanlou, N., Shakya, Y. B., Islam F. and E Oudeh. (Accepted). Newcomer Youth Self Esteem: Migration, gender and culture. In Simich, L. and L. Anderman (eds). Refugee resettlement and mental health: Promoting refugee resiliency, constructing health equity International Perspectives on Migration, Springer. Peter Li and Baha Abu-Laban, Series Editors

    *Rankin, K. and Y. B. Shakya (2006). Neoliberalizing the Grassroots: microfinance in Nepal and Vietnam" In Kim England and Kevin Ward (Eds), Neoliberalization: Borders, Edges,Frontiers, Peoples. Oxford: Blackwell.

    Wilson, R.M., Landolt, P., Shakya, Y. B., Galabuzi, G-E., Zahoorunisa, Z., Pham, D., Cabrera, F., Dahy, S, and M-P, Joly. (2011). Working Rough, Living Poor: Employment and Income Insecurities faced by Racialized Groups in the Black Creek Area and their Health Impacts. Toronto: Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services. (plus 4 Research Bulletins).