Program Contact
Andrea Cortinois

Over the past decade, the Master’s Global Public Health Emphasis program has brought together students and faculty who are passionate about collaborative scholarship and practice in order to promote better health and health equity globally. Thanks to this program, Master’s-level students from across DLSPH divisions have had the opportunity to reflect and learn about global health and connect with global public health communities at the School, U of T, the GTA, Ontario, Canada, and the rest of the world.

Through a social determinants of health and population health lens, students in the program explore the complexities of global public health scholarship and praxis, developing a solid understanding of topics like: the political economy of global health; the linkages between local and global health problems; ethical issues as they relate to global equity; and policy and program development.

To offer students an even richer and more meaningful experience, the Emphasis is changing. The 2016/17 cohort of students will be the last accepted into the program. In September 2017, the Emphasis will merge with the DLSPH Collaborative Doctoral Specialization in Global Health. The new program will draw on the significant academic resources available at the School to offer all students, both master’s and doctoral, a richer experiential environment and increased opportunities to build a vibrant learning community. Additional information on the new program will be posted on this page and on the Collaborative Program page early in 2017.  A call for applications to the new Collaborative Program will be sent to incoming degree students in the spring of 2017.

Emphasis, 2016/17
Students who have been accepted to the Emphasis at the beginning of the 2016/17 academic year must complete the following requirements:

1. The requirements of their core Master’s program
2. CHL5700H – Global Public Health
3. One global public health elective course
4. A global public health practicum placement

For information on the Emphasis in general, and on the available elective courses and practicum placement opportunities, please contact:

Alissa Warner
Administrative Assistant, Office of Global Public Health, Education and Training

Professor Andrea Cortinois
Lead, Masters Global Public Health Emphasis program