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Faculty Member

Paul Corey Ph.D

Email Address(es)
Office Address
Dalla Lana School of Public Health Health Sciences Building, 6th Floor
155 College Street Toronto, ON M5T 3M7
Biostatistics Division
Professor Emeritus
SGS Status
Member Emeritus

Research Interests

  • Analysis of Environmental and Occupationl Studies
  • Analysis of Nutritional Science Studies

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • Biostatistics for Students in the Clinial and Health Sciences
  • Applied Simulatioin Methods
  • On Line Methods of Teaching Statistics

Honours & Awards

  • 2004 Robin Badgley Teaching Award from Department of Public Health Sciences
  • 2004 Teaching Award from Institute of Medical Science Faculty of medicine

Current Research Projects

Representative Publications

  • Strug, L. Rohde, C. and Corey P. An Introduction to Evidential Sample Size Calculations The American Statistician Vol 61 August 2007 207-212
  • Fontaine-Bisson B., Wolever T.M.S., Chiasson J.L., Rabasa Lhoret R., Maheux P., Josse R. G., A Leiter L.A., Rodger N.W., Ryan E. A., Connelly P.W., Corey P.N. and El-Sohemy. A. Genetic polymorphisms of TNF- [] modify the association between dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids and fasting HDL-cholesterol and Apo A-I concentrations Am J Clin Nutr 2007: 86:768-774.
  • Development and Validation of Transfusion Risk Understanding Scoring Tool (TRUST) to Stratify Cardiac Surgery Patients according to their Blood Transfusion Needs A Alghamdi, A Davis, S Brister, P Corey, A Logan Transfusion 2006;46:1120-1129.
  • Urch B, Silverman F, Corey P, Brook JR, Lukic KZ, Rajagopalan S, Brook RD (2005). Acute blood pressure responses in healthy adults during controlled air pollution exposures. Environ Health Perspect. 113(8):1052-55.
  • Harris S.A., P.N. Corey, A.M. Sass-Kortsak., J.T. Purdham. The development of a new method to estimate total daily dose of pesticides in professional turf applicators following multiple and varied exposures in occupational settings. International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health 74(5):345-358, 2001.
  • Villeneuve PJ, Agnew DA, Miller AB, Corey PN. on Hodgkin’s lymphoma among electric utility workers in Ontario: the evaluation of alternate indices of exposure to 60 Hz electric and magnetic fields. Occup Environ Med 2000;57:249 257.
  • Weller, I.M.R. and P.N. Corey. 1998. The Impact of Excluding Non Leisure Energy Expenditure on the Relation between Physical Activity and Mortality in Women. Epidemiology. Vol 9 Number 6 November 1998 632-635.
  • Weller, I.M.R. and P.N. Corey. 1998. Reliability of the Canada Fitness Survey Questionnaire. Med. Sci. Spt. Exerc. 30:1530-5.
  • Sass-Kortsak, A.M., Corey, P.N., Robertson, J. McD. An investigation of the association between exposure to styrene and hearing loss. Ann. Epidem 5:15-24 (1995)
  • Corey, P.N., Lou, W., Broder, I. Analysis of the relationship between air pollution and asthma. The Can. J. Stats. 22:459-470 (1994).