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Christopher J. Longo

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Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management & Director, Health Services Mgmt (MBA) at McMaster University
Clinical Public Health Division
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Research Interests

My primary program of research investigates efficiency and equity issues in health care by using health economics tools to address policy questions. Much of this work has been in chronic and critical illness, and as I am not a clinician, involves collaboration with researchers who have appropriate clinical expertise. I have undertaken research projects examining pharmaceutical innovation and pricing, and issues related to equity of access within this industry. My current research focus examines the costs and economic evaluation of cancer programs/interventions throughout the cancer journey, with the intent of informing policy decision making.

Education & Training History

BA  Economics,  York University

MSc Physiology,  Western University

PhD  Health Policy,  University of Toronto

Honours & Awards


  • Conference Appreciation Award  “In recognition of outstanding contributions as a Presenter, Reviewer, Chair and Discussant”, Business and Economics Society International, Queenstown, New Zealand,  (Jan 2012)
  • Outstanding Paper Award (Annual), Emerald Publishing, “Encouraging Pharmaceutical Innovation to meet the needs of both developed and developing countries”, International Journal of Development Issues (2011).

Teaching Awards

  • Dr. S. Basu MBA Teaching Award (2009)

Current Research Projects

  • Strategic Initiative Grant, Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control (2012-2013), $26,000.  Impact of Fatigue in Breast and Colorectal Cancer Patients. Principal investigator: Jones, JM., Collaborators: Longo, C.J., Howell, D., Olsen, K., Bedard, P., Amir E.

  • Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec Grant (2012-2014) $203,900. Building a solid knowledge foundation: A research program to innovate psychosocial care and reduce health care costs for head and neck cancer patients. Principal investigator: Henry, M., Co-Principal investigator: Rosberger, Z., Co-applicants: Frenkiel, S., Black, M., Hier, M., Zeitouni, A., Kost, K., Mlynarek, A., MacDonald, C., Longo, C.J., Atherton, J., Foulkes, W., Meaney, M
  • Research Grant, Max Bell Foundation, (2011- 2014), $179,900. Caregiving and the role of the caregiver. Principal investigator: Cohen, R.S., Co-applicants: O’Brien, S., Lapointe, B., Feindel, A., Fitzpatrick, T., Vasiliki, B., Penner, J., Longo, C.J., MacKinnon, C., Baxter, S., Stajduhar, K., Ducharme, F.
  • Pilot funding, Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control (2011), $21,785.  A pilot study evaluating Canadian cancer patients’ treatment related out-of-pocket costs.  Principal and Lead investigator: Longo, C.J.  Principal: Doll, R. Collaborators: Ward, A., Grignon, M., Fitch, M.
  • Operating Grant, Public Health Agency of Canada (2010-2011), $213,054. Delivering Cancer Survivorship Care to Rural and Remote Communities in Northern British Columbia. Principal investigators: Ward, A., Ahlstrom, T. Co-applicants: Kazanjian, A., Tobin, P., Caron, N., Longo C.J., Howard F.
  • Operating Catalyst Grant, CIHR (2010 – 2011), $78,360. Current State and Perspectives of Health Insurance Coverage of Smoking Cessation Treatment in Ontario.  Principal investigator: Schwartz, R., University of Toronto, Co-applicants: Babayan, A., Ferrence, R., Longo, C.J.
  • Operating Grant, CIHR (2010 – 2013), $454,998. Judgments and health innovation: How do upstream knowledge transfer and exchange among stakeholders contribute to the design of innovations?  Principal investigator: Lehoux, P., University of Montreal, Co-applicants: Denis, J., Miller, F., Urbach, D., Williams-Jones, B. Collaborator:  Longo, C.J.

Representative Publications

Longo, C.J., Grignon, M. (2012) The value of fixed-reimbursement insurance against cancer related losses: Simulations to investigate state-dependent utility. Global Business and Economics Review, V14 (4): 322-337.

Mittman, N., Evans W.K, Rocchi, A., Longo, C.J., Au, H.J., Husereau, D., Leighl, N., Isogai, P.K., Krahn, M., Peacock, S., Marshall, D., Coyle, D., Mayfair-Taylor, S.C., Jacobs, P., Oh, P.I. (2012).  Guidelines for the economic evaluation of health technologies: Special guidance for oncology products in Canada.  Value in Health, V15(3): 580-585

Longo, C.J., Bereza, B.G. (2011). A comparative analysis of monthly ‘out-of-pocket’ costs for breast cancer patients versus other common cancers in Ontario, Canada.  Current Oncology,  V18 (1): e1-e8

Longo, C.J. (2011). Encouraging Pharmaceutical Innovation to meet the needs of both developed and developing countries. International Journal of Development Issues, V10(1): 92-101

Guo, Y. , Longo, C.J., Xie, R., Wen, S., Walker, M.C., Sun, Z., Smith, G.N. (2011) Cost-effectiveness of transdermal nitroglycerin use in preterm labour. Value in Health, V14(2): 240-246

Longo, C.J. (2010). Equitable access to healthcare services and income replacement for cancer: Is critical illness insurance a help or a hindrance? Healthcare Policy, 5(4): e132-e138.

Longo, C.J. (2010). Global pharmaceutical pricing strategies: Profit implications of price discounting. International Journal of Economics and Business Research, V2 (6): 447-460.

Hopkins, R.B., Goeree, R., Longo, C.J. (2010). Estimating the National Wage Loss from Cancer in Canada. Current Oncology, 17(2): 40-49.

Martin, C.M.,  Priestap, F., Fisher, H.N., Fowler, R.A., Heyland, D.K., Keenan, S.P., Longo, C.J., Morrison, T., Bentley, D., Antman, N. (2009). Outcomes, prevalence and incidence for patients with severe sepsis in a prospective, observational registry: The Canadian Sepsis Treatment And Response (STAR) Registry. Critical Care Medicine, 37(1): 81-88.

Hopkins, R.B., Paradis, J., Roshankar, T., Bowen, J., Tarride, J.E., Blackhouse, G., Lim, M., O’Reilly, D., Goeree, R., Longo, C.J. (2008). Universal or Targeted Screening for Fetal Alcohol Exposure: A Cost Effectiveness Analysis. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 69(4): 510-519.

Longo, C.J., Heyland, D.K., Fisher, H.N., Fowler, R.A., Martin, C., Day, A. (2007). A long term follow-up study investigating health related quality of life and resource use in survivors of severe sepsis: Comparison of recombinant human activated protein C to standard care.  Critical Care, 11(6): R128.

Longo, C.J., Deber, R., Fitch, M., Williams, P., DeSouza, D. (2007). An examination of cancer patients’ “out-of-pocket” costs in Ontario. Europena Journal of Cancer Care, 16: 500-507

Longo, C.J., Deber, R.,  Fitch, M., Williams, A.P. (2006). Financial and Family Burden associated with Cancer Treatment in Ontario. Supportive Care in Cancer, 14: 1077-1085.