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These DLSPH Faculty engage in global health scholarship activities as part of their research and education portfolio and are affiliates of the School’s Office of Global Public Health Education & Training. They have primary academic appointments in home faculty units throughout the School, reflecting the broad scope and impact of the School’s global health scholarship footprint.

Faculty Member Name Faculty/Division Current Position
Abrahamyan, Lusine IHPME Assistant Professor
Adhikari, Neill DFCM Associate Professor
Arrandale, Victoria DLSPH Assistant Professor
Birn, Anne-Emmanuelle  DLSPH Professor
Bozek, Paul DLSPH Associate Professor
Chalin, Catherine   DLSPH Professor Emerita
Cortinois, Andrea DLSPH Assistant Professor
Denburg, Avram IHPME Assistant Professor
Essue, Beverley DLSPH Assistant Professor
Fadel, Shaza DLSPH Assistant Professor