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Enrolment in Summer 2021 Public Health Sciences courses begins Monday, April 5, 2021

Classes begin the week of May 3rd unless otherwise indicated

Course delivery details can be found here.

CHL5120H Y Population Health Perspectives on Mental Health and Addictions
Dates: May – August
Robert Mann Christine Wickens Dominique Morisano  W 12pm-2pm Online
CHL5129H F Introduction to Mixed Research Methods Research for Public Health
Dates: May – June
Open to PhD students in PHS or IHPME. PhD students from other departments and 2nd year MPH students with permission of instructor:

Lori Ross


T and R 3pm-4:30pm Online
CHL5212H Y Predictive Modelling in the Health Sciences
Dates: May – July
Konstantin Shestopaloff M 10am-12nn Online
CHL5213H F Methods for Analysis of Microbiome Data
Dates: May – June
This is a 0.25 FCE course credit

Konstantin Shestopaloff
Wei Xu
F 12pm-2pm Online
CHL7001H F1 Directed Reading: Introduction to Joint Modeling in Health Research
Laurent Briollais
CHL7001H Y1 Directed Reading: Statistical Analysis of Health Economic Data
Dates: May – July
Complete Enrolment Form and email it to by 4pm on April 28th.
Eleanor Pullenayegum
Anna Heath
T and F 10:45am-11:45am Online
CHL7001H Y3 Directed Reading: Applied Deep Learning
Dates: May – July
Pre-requisite: This course requires programming experience in Python as well as some background in linear algebra and probability theory. Some prior experience/course work with machine learning and/or data mining would be an asset.

Complete Enrolment Form and email it to by 4pm on April 28th.
Jie (Jodie) Zhu
Ragavan Thurairatnam
F 9:30am-10:30am



CHL5429H S Advanced Analytic Methods in for Bias in Epidemiologic Studies
Dates: July 8 – August 19
Laura Rosella R 10am-12pm Online
CHL5610H Y Theory and Practice of Behaviour Change in Health Care Professional Settings
Dates: May 6, 13, 20, 27, June 3, 17, 24
Abbas Ghavam-Rassoul R 1:30pm-5pm Online
CHL5611H F Continuing Education Planning, Management and Evaluation in Health Professions
*Dates: May 26, 28, 31, June 2 & 7
Pre-requisite: CHL5609H
Contact for enrolment.
Savithiri Ratnapalan

*See Dates


9am-5pm Online
CHL5615H Y Assessment and Evaluation Issues in Health Practitioner Field-based Education
Dates: April 26 & 27, May 17 & 31, June 21 & 22
Contact for enrolment.
Susan Glover Takahashi
Marla Nayer
*See Dates 9am-4pm Online
CHL5616H Y Applied Survey Methods for Health Care Professionals
Dates: May – August
Contact for enrolment.
Parisa Airia W 2pm-5pm Online
CHL5623H Y Practical Management Concepts and Cases in Leading Small Health Organization
Dates: May 7, 14, 28, June 4, 18, 25, July 9
Contact for enrolment.
Julia Alleyne
Jocelyn Charles
F 1:30am-4pm Online
CHL5633H F Planetary and Global Health Ethics
Dates: May 5 – June 30

Open to Master’s and PhD students in PHS and IHPME, and students in MHSc-Bioethics and Collaborative Specialization in Global Health.
Erica Di Ruggiero
Ross Upshur
T 9am-11am Online
CHL3020H F Ethics and Artificial Intelligence for Health
Dates: May 6 – June 10
Open to graduate students enrolled in:
i) the Emphasis in AI and Data Sciences (PHS/IHPME)
ii) Health Services Research (IHPME)
iii) the Collaborative Specialization in Bioethics whose thesis or dissertation research focuses on a topic related to AI, Health Informatics and/or Data Science
iv) Limited space is also available to other PHS and IHPME students.
Jay Shaw
Ross Upshur
W 8:15am-12pm Online
CHL5620Y Y Practicum in Family Community Medicine  1.0 FCE (8 weeks)
CHL5621H S Extension to Practicum in Family Community Medicine  0.5 FCE (4 weeks)
CHL6010Y Y Required MPH Practicum  1.0 FCE (8 weeks)
CHL6011H S Extension to Required MPH Practicum  0.5 FCE (4 weeks)
CHL6012Y Y Long Extension to Required MPH Practicum  1.0 FCE (8 weeks)
CHL6013H Y Required MPH Advanced Standing Practicum  0.5 FCE (4 weeks)
CHL6020Y Y Optional MPH Practicum  1.0 FCE (8 weeks)
CHL6021H S Extension to Optional MPH Practicum  0.5 FCE (4 weeks)
CHL6022Y Y Long Extension to Optional MPH Practicum  1.0 FCE (8 weeks)
CHL5690H Y    Required MScCH Practicum 0.5 FCE (4 weeks)
CHL5691H Y     Optional MScCH Practicum  0.5 FCE (4 weeks)