The Fellowship in Global Journalism is now accepting applications for 2023-24.

We will organize our teaching platforms to ensure safety for all participants under whatever circumstances exist at that time.

Shape The Public Agenda: Join A New Generation Of Specialized Journalists

If you are a professional, a scholar, or any other kind of subject-matter specialist, you know your field better than most reporters – and media around the world need you to deepen their coverage of complex stories. We’ll teach you how to shape the news, through a unique mix of multimedia skills and live work for news companies from day one.

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The Dalla Lana Fellowship in Global Journalism is unlike any conventional journalism school: We mentor you as you actually cover your own specialty for top media around the world. When you graduate in April 2024, you will already be an experienced global correspondent, ready for editors who want deeper reporting.

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How a Doctor Joined Our Fellowship and Ended Up at The Dallas Morning News

Wherever you’re based, we teach you the fundamentals

We start on September 6, 2023, with a five-week bootcamp in Toronto where you’ll start learning the fundamentals: How to find and pitch exclusive stories, how to report facts rigorously, how to write features and how to do video and audio.

From October 10, 2023 to April 17, 2024, the curriculum continues with two days of multimedia skills training each week, which you can join either in our Toronto classroom or by live video-conference from anywhere in the world. Meet your instructors.

You report for media, we mentor you individually

From October 10, 2023 to April 17, 2024, wherever you are based in the world, you’ll be reporting news from your own discipline for our 19 media partners in the U.S. (including the Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, and Washington Post) and Canada (including CBC News, Maclean’s, and Postmedia). A team of experienced correspondents and editors will mentor you individually as you hunt, pitch and report stories — and as you plan your career.

News companies published or broadcast more than 800 stories by our 10 cohorts of Fellows, before they’d graduated. See them here:

You graduate with a head start – and not just in journalism

By April 2024, your combination of deep subject-matter knowledge and real experience shaping news coverage of your field will set you apart from other professionals – whether you plan to work as a journalist or not. Some of our alumni are working as staff reporters, others as full-time freelancers. Many others are combining their professional work with part-time freelancing. And still others are using these skills within non-news organizations to deepen the public discussion of issues they’re addressing.

No other journalism program, anywhere, does what we do.

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Scientists doing science journalism... Lawyers doing law journalism... Health professionals doing health journalism... Engineers doing technology journalism... Human rights specialists doing human rights journalism.... Policy specialists doing political journalism... Doctors doing medical journalism... Economists and business professionals doing business journalism.... Regional experts working as foreign correspondents on the Arab World, South Asia, East Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and elsewhere... Experts reporting as journalists on anything at all...