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University of Toronto Fellowship in Journalism
& Health Impact

Meet 10 alumni who turned their specialties into journalism careers. Some are now reporting full time; others part time. All are helping to set the public agenda in their fields.

Rachel Browne

FGJ 2014, Covering Rights and Religion

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Alia Dharssi

FGJ 2014, Covering Poverty and Development

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Michael Kempa

FGJ 2013, Criminologist and Crime Reporter

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Raja Moussaoui

FGJ 2013, Cities Expert

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Anna Nicolaou

FGJ 2014, An Economist Covering Finance

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Ashley Renders

FGJ 2014, Investigating Corporations

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Chethan Sathya

FGJ 2014, Surgeon-Journalist

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Stephen Starr

FGJ 2013, Syria Insider

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Seema Yasmin

FGJ 2014, Disease Detective and Health Reporter

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Zinta Zommers

FGJ 2013, A Scientist Covering Climate Change

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