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University of Toronto Fellowship in Journalism
& Health Impact

Alumni Member

Ashley Renders

Ashley is now assistant editor and senior writer of Corporate Knights — a web service and magazine that covers corporate social responsibility around the world. Ashley had researched European climate change activism for her graduate degree at the University of Utrecht. She brought those insights to us, where she covered big debates shaping the natural resources industry for The National Post, Reuters-affiliated, and VICE Canada. During the Fellowship, Ashley broke news about the Canadian mining industry for The National Post and, with Alia Dharssi, ran a major investigation into US oil companies’ royalties, which appeared on Reuters.

“Applying for the fellowship was the most important professional decision I have made so far. Before taking part in the program, I never would have believed that I could have a full time career as a writer. The program taught me how to turn abstract ideas into marketable stories that I can share with the world. This is by far the most valuable skill I have learned in a classroom.”