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Staying Connected

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Please contact the Office of Advancement and Alumni and Engagement: advancement.dlsph​

A monthly update on what’s happening at the School and with alumni and supporters. Learn about what your classmates are up to, read media and School interviews with faculty, hear about emerging research, learn about the work of talented students, and enjoy a round-up of the many resources and opportunities tailored to alumni!

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Your Dalla Lana: A Hub for DLSPH Alumni, Supporters & Friends

Vol. 13 – February 2021 – DLSPH Updates, Upcoming Events and a Special Transformative Investment in Public Health Announcement

Vol. 14 – March 2021 – Boehm Lectures, Black Health Matters, and Upcoming Opportunities & Events

Vol. 15 – April 2021 – Looking Back & Looking Forward, Recognizing Healthcare Professionals, Alumni Reunion

Vol. 16 – May 2021 – Clinical Public Health, Student Thoughts on Alumni Engagement & Alumni Reunion

Vol. 17 – June 2021 – Social and Behavioural Health Sciences, Recognizing our Health Heroes & Alumni Events

Vol. 18 – July 2021 – Olympian Alumnus, Health Informatics, One on One with Steini & More!

Vol. 19 – August 2021 – QIPS, Alumni Opportunities, Events and One on One with Steini Recap

Vol. 20 – September 2021 – Health Professions Education Research, Back to School Student Spotlight, Events & More!

Vol. 21 – October 2021 – Biostatistics, Health Equity and Transformation Recap and More!

Vol. 22 – November 2021 – Epidemiology, IHPME Holiday Party, and Announcing DLSPH’s Plan to Return to In-Person

Vol. 23 – December 2021 -MHSc in Health Administration, Upcoming Opportunities, and Warmest Wishes from the DLSPH!

Vol. 24 – January 2022 – Introducing Our New Advancement Team Members, Upcoming Opportunities & Events!

Vol. 25 – February 2022 – Honouring Black History/Black Futures Month, 2022 Boehm Lecture and More!

Vol. 26 – March 2022 – Celebrating Women’s History Month, Biostatistics, and the upcoming Boehm Lecture

Vol. 27 – April 2022 – Alumni Reunion, Boehm Lecture Recap and More!

Vol. 28 – May 2022 – Asian Heritage Month, Alumni Reunion, School Prizes, and more!

Vol. 29 – June 2022 – Pride Month, Alumni Reunion Recordings, and more!

Vol. 30 – August 2022-New Faculty, International Conferences and more!

Vol. 31 – September 2022 – Outreach & Access Scholars, Orange Shirt Day, Stay Connected with the DLSPH, and more!

Vol. 32 – October 2022 – Remembering Paula Braitstein, DLSPH faculty working towards environmental reconciliation & more.

Vol. 33 – November 2022 – Remembering Prof. Paul Corey, meet DLSPH alumni rep Jodeme Goldhar, Arbor Award winner Gerry Gotfrit, and more!

Vol. 35 – December 2022 – Support DLSPH this holiday season, New partnership with the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, meet the 2022-2023 PHAA Board, and more!

Vol. 35 – January 2023 – Call for Alumni Mentors, Data Sciences Speaker Series, Removing Financial Barriers for PrEP, and more!

Vol. 36 – February 2023 – Vohra Miller Lecture, Black History Month Luncheon, Fellowship Opportunities, and more!

Vol. 37 – March 2023 – UofT Giving Day, New CVPD Seminar, Vohra Miller Lecture Recap, and more!

Vol. 38 – April 2023 – Alumni Reunion, Paula Braitstein Lecture Series, John Evans Lecture and more.

Vol. 39 – May 2023 – Alumni Reunion, Pride Pub, Staying Connected with DLPSH, and more!

Vol. 40 – June 2023 – Institute for Pandemics Event, New Alumni Air Canada Contest, A Messgae for Pride Month and more. 

DLSPH Bulletin Archives

Each month, DLSPH publishes an electronic bulletin, keeping you informed of School news and events, what our alumni are up to, and a bunch of exciting extras.

IHPME Connect Archives

IHPME’s monthly newsletter is intended to help build stronger connections and coalesce IHPME students, faculty, alumni, staff and friends of the Institute. The newsletter profiles members of the IHPME community and lists upcoming events.