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The Public Health Alumni Association (PHAA) is your connection with the School and we hope you stay involved.

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About the PHAA

PHAA’s vision is to foster growth and advancement in public health, by advancing the values and supporting the academic mission of the DLSPH and the University of Toronto.

PHAA’s mission is to promote fellowship among the alumni community and to foster relationships among its members and the Dalla Lana School of Public Health (DLSPH).

Role of the PHAA

The PHAA performs a number of important functions, which include:

Contact Us

For further information, please refer to the PHAA Constitution or contact the PHAA at

How to get involved

There are many rewarding ways to become involved in the PHAA.

  1. Be a Mentor Join the PHAA-DLSPH Mentorship program, and share your experience, knowledge and passion for public health with a current student.
  2. Join a PHAA Committee There are many opportunities to join a PHAA committee that interests you most. PHAA Committees include: Finance, Mentorship, Awards, Events, Communications, Governance, and Strategy.
  3. Attend alumni networking events. Check out the Events Calendar

Stay connected

You can keep in touch with the DLSPH through a variety of channels:

DLSPH/PHAA Alumni-Student Mentorship Program

As public health professionals, we are keenly aware of the vast importance of building partnerships and sharing knowledge. The DLSPH/PHAA Alumni-Student Mentorship Program aims to seed this culture of collaboration among the next generation of public health professionals with the ultimate goal of extending public health’s impact locally, nationally and globally.

The program provides professional and personal development opportunities to both students and alumni. Mentors are matched with a current student based on shared areas of interest.

Students participating in the program gain useful advice regarding career and courses or practica, build networking contacts, and develop a general “feel” for work in their areas of interest.

Alumni mentors benefit from opportunities to stay current on educational offerings in their respective field, connect with other mentors, and engage with the School’s talented students and help them to prepare for a meaningful career in public health. The PHAA and the DLSPH support mentorship pairs in this process.

The program takes place over ten months, from February to November of each year.

Find out more

To learn more about the DLSPH/PHAA Mentorship program, please watch the DLSPH Mentorship Video.

Mentorship and committee membership opportunities

The Mentorship Program Committee is always looking for engaged and experienced alumni to be mentors and committee members. Being a mentor allows alumni to share their experience, knowledge, and passion for public health with a current student. Mentor applications for the Mentorship Program are due at the beginning of January.

Participating in the committee provides a unique opportunity to get to know both DLSPH students and alumni, and to contribute to the mentoring process. Committee responsibilities include mentor and mentee recruitment, the matching process, and planning program events.

Explore new opportunities

For Mentor and Committee member opportunities, please contact the Mentorship Program Committee at

Funding for student-led initiatives

The Dalla Lana School of Public Health breeds innovative thinking, which produces strategies, programs and policies aimed at achieving a healthier Canada and a healthier world. With these ambitious goals in mind, the DLSPH awards funding to students in support of initiatives that proudly speak to public health’s mission and vision.

Suitable projects include student group activities that are primarily educational in nature and are focused on topical issues relevant to public health. They should be of interest to more than one group and open to all streams. These can include working groups, journal clubs, student conferences, and guest speakers. Events such as lunches and parties are not eligible for funding.

Student groups may apply once annually for an operating grant to a maximum of $250.

Proposals welcome

Please submit a brief proposal, at least one month in advance of the event date, including the purpose and scope of the activity for which the funds are requested. You should also include a detailed budget indicating how the funds will be used.

Student Conference Travel Awards

The PHAA recognizes the academic and professional development opportunities that arise from students presenting research and related work at conferences. But given that such opportunities require significant funds to exercise, the PHAA established a travel award program to provide up to $500 to students to enable them to prepare and present their work at a professional conference event. There are two deadlines per year: one in the fall and one in the spring.

Travel Award Applicants must meet specific criteria in order to qualify.


For more information, please contact the Travel Awards Committee at

C. P Shah Alumni Award

The C.P. Shah Alumni Award of Excellence in Public Health was established to recognize graduates of any of the academic programs offered by the Dalla Lana School of Public Health who have advanced the field of public/population health in Canada or its provinces/territories by his/her contribution and/or sustained efforts in one or more of the following fields:

Practice of Public Health:
Development of new delivery models of public health services;
Expansion of existing public health services in a creative manner to deliver added services;
Strong advocacy of public/ population health which resulted in new changes to healthy public policy.

Development of teaching programs/ material which excite and move forward the field of public/ population health education for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and/or continuing education.

Applied or basic research which improves or modifies the delivery of public health and/or population health services

Download the C. P Shah Alumni Award Nomination form

For more information, please contact the Award Officer at

View past C.P. Shah Alumni Award recipients

Representing DLSPH alumni

The PHAA provides representation for public health alumni at the DLSPH’s School Council, an important voice for shaping the future of the School, as well as for the College of Electors for the Governing Council of the University of Toronto.

You can find information regarding the DLSPH School Council here.

The College of Electors is a committee of 44 alumni who are responsible for electing the Chancellor and eight alumni members (alumni governors) of the Governing Council of the University of Toronto.

The Governing Council is the senior governing body that oversees the academic, business and student affairs of U of T. It is composed of 50 members drawn from faculty, staff and students of the University as well as members of the community at large. Members of the Governing Council, including alumni members, serve as trustees of the University, and ensure that the Council’s decisions align with the University’s long-term interests.

To view a list of current members of the PHAA Board, click here.