Dean’s Message: October 2014

October 1/2014

When preparing for my General Faculty Meeting presentation on October 22, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride in our School’s tremendous accomplishments since achieving faculty status 15 months ago. From the IHPME transition, the Big Data workshop, Michael and Amira Dan’s $10-million gift and the Global Health Summit, the School is clearly on a steep growth trajectory.

These milestones wonderfully illustrate the School’s scholarly ambition, research drive and commitment to improving public health and health systems. I am truly grateful to all faculty and staff whose efforts enabled these achievements.

As we immerse ourselves in this new academic year, I call on the DLSPH community — faculty, staff, students alumni and partners — to get involved in the various committees that will continue the School’s momentum on the path to innovative development and growth.

Here are some committees that require your ideas and energy:

1.    Awards and Nominations Committee — improves nomination of DLSPH faculty for internal and external awards and recognition, and the nomination for student awards. Contact Ted Myers or Andrea Sass Kortsak to volunteer for the committee.

2.    Communications Committee — advises on major communications and branding projects, including website, School-wide branding exercise and annual report. Contact Nicole Bodnar to volunteer for the committee.

3.    Faculty Appointments and Annual Review Committee — oversees faculty appointment criteria and annual reporting forms. Contact Ted Myers to volunteer for the committee.

4.    Future of DLSPH & Public Health Committee — analyzes trends in public health, research funding and education delivery with an eye towards implications for job markets, advancement, research strategy, etc. Contact Howard Hu to volunteer for the committee.

5.    Research Committee — maximizes the School’s ability to compete for external research funding and coalesce faculty around major trans-disciplinary project ideas. Contact Daniel Sellen to volunteer for the committee.

6.    Space and Infrastructure Committee — examines space utilization to initiate major space re-design and renovation projects. Contact Robin Hurst to volunteer for the committee.

7.    Undergraduate Initiative Committee — developing an undergraduate program in Global and Public Health by 2016. Contact Abdallah Daar or Andrea Cortinois to volunteer for the committee.

A dedicated community of scholars is crucial to our continued growth and success.  Expect to be contacted, solicited, and cajoled. But also expect the satisfaction of being part of a wonderful enterprise that will have a lasting impact on public health and our own lives.


Howard Hu