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Master's Degrees

Offering a wide range of options to people entering public health and practicing health professionals looking to enhance their expertise.

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Doctoral Degrees

Multidisciplinary Doctoral degrees that expose students to the full breadth and depth of public health.

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Collaborative Specializations

Provide students with a broader base from which to explore a novel interdisciplinary area or special development that crosses a number of disciplines.

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Residency Training Programs

Public Health and Preventive Medicine physician specialists lead organizations and teams who work to protect, promote and improve health in communities and populations.

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Outreach and Access Program

We launched the DLSPH Outreach and Access Program in February 2019 with a goal to inspire young leaders from underrepresented communities to pursue careers in public health.

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Fellowship in Global Journalism

We mentor students that cover their specialty for top media around the world. Graduates will have earned experience as global correspondents, ready for editors who want deeper reporting.

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CIHR Strategic Training for Advanced Genetic Epidemiology Program

STAGE Program is Canada’s first and only formal comprehensive training program in Genetic Epidemiology and Statistical Genetics.

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Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation

Home to a wide range of research-concentrated, professional and executive leadership and training.

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Certificate in Health Impact
U of T Med, DLSPH

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