DLSPH Open: Communications & Branding

July 18/2017

Dear colleagues,

In the second edition of DLSPH Open, I’d like to tell you a bit more about my approach to communications and some new channels that I hope you’ll find time for moving forward. Together we can increase engagement and build a positive organizational culture by celebrating progress towards our shared vision, sharing our successes, creating new opportunities to connect and showcasing our collective social impact.

DLSPH Open is a channel to amplify achievements and deliver regular messages to our community about the progress we are making towards achieving our shared vision to be the leading model for public health and health systems learning, research and service, with impact at local and global levels.

Second, the DLSPH Blog is a platform for me to offer my two cents on public health and health systems issues and social justice. This is not to be confused with the DLSPH Student Blog, which I encourage everyone to read and all students to write for, that gives learner-centred insights on topics and issues central to scholarship, research and future careers.

The DLSPH Bulletin newsletter is a monthly publication that echoes all of these communications in a high-level summary of news, upcoming events, awards and opportunities to get involved. Now, all members of the DLSPH community, including IHPME and JCB, will receive the DLSPH Bulletin, our Faculty news hub.

Together, these communications contribute to a comprehensive view of the School where everyone has a general awareness of what’s going on across the DLSPH. In addition to renewing our communications approach, we are also engaged in a reputation analysis and positioning (branding) exercise that will enable the Faculty to communicate our impact using shared language and visuals.

Within the next few weeks, we will be launching a banding survey, an internal consultation tool to broadly engage students, faculty, staff and alumni to share their insights on the Faculty to help us shape our story. The survey’s objective is to uncover issues and challenges facing the School and how our community believes DLSPH should be positioned externally. Look for the survey in the next edition of DLSPH Open.

These are some of the tools that I hope will contribute to a positive organizational culture where all members know where we are, and where we’re going. I encourage everyone to engage with these channels and tools, and participate in community-building opportunities as much as possible.

Best regards,

Adalsteinn Brown
Interim Dean
Dalla Lana Chair in Public Health Policy
Dalla Lana School of Public Health, a Faculty of the University of Toronto