Appraising and Applying Evidence to Assist Clinical Decision-​Making [Web-​based course]

Course Number
5600 (Clinical Public Health)
Course Instructor(s)
MaryBeth DeRocher, Candice Holmes, Walter Rosser

Course Description

  • This course provides a theoretical review of methods to critique literature that is pertinent to Family Medicine. In each session there is a discussion about methods that may be used to effectively incorporate evidence-based medicine into teaching in the clinical setting. A detailed outline of the teaching techniques for each module can be found on the CD-ROM inside the front cover of the course text.
  • This is a web based course using Blackboard courseware.
  • The course comprises nine, approximately four-six hour modules. Each module is focused on a specific aspect of critical appraisal of the literature.  Each module is divided into three components:
    • (i) Reading the chapters in the course text.
    • (ii) Carrying out an exercise to improve the understanding of important aspects of the content
    • (iii) Critiquing a paper from this material or material chosen by the student that contains the main points in the chapter.
  • Each student will complete 1 Four hour Module per week on their own.

Course Objectives

  • To develop competency in the process of critically appraising medical literature relevant to family practice;
  • To develop competency in assessing the evidence-based from which practice policies for the family medicine setting can be developed;
  • To develop competency in methods of engaging students in the practice of evidence based medicine while gaining clinical experience in the supervised practice setting;
  • To develop competency in persuing web-based strategies to enhance practice based learning;
  • To stimulate the student to achieve your own personal objectives to improve your skills as a clinician and clinical teacher or healthcare provider.

General Requirements

  • Registration in a Graduate Studies Program related to Health Sciences
  • For more information, please contact:
    Tel: (416) 978-1914