Categorical Data Analysis

Course Number
5200 (Biostatistics)
Course Instructor(s)
Tony Panzarella

Course Description

  • (To be modified) Statistical methods for analyzing categorical data, including logistic, poisson, and log-linear regression models; methods for goodness-of-fit, 2-by-2 tables, and stratified 2-by- 2 tables; maximum likelihood theory for generalized linear models; unconditional and conditional likelihood logistic regression; poisson regression; analysis of multi-dimensional contingency tables and log-linear models; comparison and contrast of different methods; model specification – choosing and assessing models.

Course Objectives

  • (To be modified) This is a graduate level course for students of biostatistics, epidemiology and statistics.

General Requirements

  • This is a graduate course with the following prerequisites.
    – Statistics at the graduate level or consent of instructor.
    – Working knowledge of SAS or Splus or other equivalent software packages is necessary.