Doctoral Seminar, Collaborative Specialization in Global Health

Course Number
5700 (Global Health)
Course Instructor(s)
Erica Di Ruggiero

This global health seminar is designed to deepen the knowledge base of doctoral students about interdisciplinary approaches and responses to global health issues and challenges, provide career training opportunities related to global health research, policy and practice, and help students develop skills that advance their research. The course will consist of a mix of faculty-and student-led seminars. It will also include discussions and participation at related Collaborative Specialization in Global Health (CSGH) events. Networking and informal mentoring between students and faculty are encouraged inside and outside of the classroom.

This is a required course for doctoral students in the CSGH. Enrollment is primarily restricted to doctoral students in the specialization. All enrolled students are expected to attend 90% of seminars. We also encourage all students and alumni of the specialization to participate throughout their time at the University of Toronto. For students not enrolled in the CSGH,  prior approval from the course instructor is required to take the course.