Health Promotion Field Research

Course Number
5800 (Health Promotion)
Course Instructor(s)
Michael Goodstadt

Course Description

  • Restricted to second year MPH Health Promotion students. Students carry out an inquiry on an issue related to the intersection of health promotion theory and practice. Seminars are used to reflect upon, refine, and report upon the process and outcomes of the inquiry.
  • Students will design and carry out field research on a health promotion practice issue of their choice. The research will be carried out during the course of Practicum II. During this self directed learning experience, guidance will be provided by the course directors and the academic and field supervisors. As mentors, these individuals can be called on to provide assistance throughout the field research, data analysis and write up.
  • Assistance can include:

1) ongoing critical discussion and advice regarding the focus, analysis and write up of the inquiry,

2) information about how practice settings deal with the practice issue under investigation,

3) discussion of contextual issues including organizational, community, political, economic, ethical and practical constraints related to the issue,  and

4) identification of data sources and facilitation of access to them. Students will meet regularly as a group with the course directors to discuss progress and problems.

Course Objectives

  • To learn to conceptualize a practice issue for research
  • To develop an understanding of different research methods.
  • To appreciate the complexity of field research.
  • To contribute to knowledge development in the field of health promotion that links theory to practice.

General Requirements