Race, Ethnicity And Culture In Health (REACH)

Course Number
5800 (Health Promotion)
Course Instructor(s)
Ananya Tina Banerjee


This is a practiced-base course in which the associations between and the impacts of race, ethnicity, and culture in health will be examined from interdisciplinary perspectives in public health research and practice. Students will be introduced to how race, ethnicity, and culture and the interrelationships with the determinants of health influence individual and population health and services. The students will be presented with principles of community-based research; the existence of many worldviews; anti-oppression frameworks; cultural safety, competency, sensitivity, and awareness as practices; and health promotion. We will also be embedding into the lectures intersectionality, critical race theories, and social constructionism.

Course Objectives

Students who have completed the course should be able to:

  1. Discuss the above and how they may be applied to shape health research or services with/ for individuals whose perspectives have largely been absent in shaping research and services.
  2. Increase their knowledge of health service use and access as well as health and social outcomes for individuals whose race, ethnic, or cultural identities may be a determinant of health.
  3. Develop a critical perspective on health and health services and research while considering determinants of health in part through discussions with guest speakers/lecturers and student colleagues as well as the readings.

Methods of Assessment

Class Attendance & participation (individual, ongoing evaluation) 10%
Reflection reports (3 individual reports-10% each) 30%
Critique paper (individual paper) 30%
Women’s Exchange grant proposal (group project and presentation) 30%

2018-19 Class Schedule (Guest lecturers subject to change)

Week Topics Leading Lecturer(s)
1 Introduction of key concepts to explore race, ethnicity and culture in health Ananya Banerjee
2 The social construct of race and ethnicity in health Onyenyechukwu Nnorom, DLPSH
3 Impacts of historic and ongoing colonization on the health of ethno-racialized communities Angela Pringle-Mashford, DLSPH

Intersectional perspectives, identities and determinants of health

Final date submit reflection 1

Ananya Banerjee and Keith Neuman
5 Stigma and shame of mental health among ethno-racialized communities Gursharan Virdee, CAMH

Anti-oppression workshop

Critique paper due on blackboard 9 am

Mairi McKenna Edwards, Student Life UofT
7 Reading week – no class

Meeting diverse health needs – LGBTQQIP2SAA

Final date to submit reflection 2

Haran Vijayanathan, ASAAP
9 Culture counts: A roadmap to culturally safe interventions – part 1 Suzanne Stewart, DLSPH
10 Culture counts: A roadmap to culturally safe interventions – part 2 Ananya Banerjee

Site visit: Women’s Health in Women’s Hands Community Health Centre (WHIWHCHC)

Final date to submit reflection 3

Wangari Tharao, WHIWHCHC
12 Group work and in-class consultants with course instructor Ananya Banerjee
13 Student presentations for group project.  
14 Group project: Final group written assignment due via email at 9:00am