Theory and Method for Qualitative Researchers: An Introduction

Course Number
5100 (Social and Behavioural Health Science)
Course Instructor(s)
Janet Parsons

This course is offered in alternate years within the Dalla Lana School of Public Health (DLSPH) and the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute (RSI). In 2017/2018 it will be offered in the winter term by Dr. Pia Kontos at DLSPH on Wednesday mornings. The course provides an introduction to a range of qualitative research methods and theoretical perspectives, with particular emphasis on the role that theory plays across the different stages of the research process. It examines the underlying philosophical assumptions of qualitative research methods, and the implications that these assumptions have for framing a research problem, data collection, analysis, writing, and other dissemination strategies. It also provides some basic opportunities to attain practical, hands-on experience with developing research questions, techniques for data collection, and data analysis. The course has no prerequisites, although some knowledge of social theory is preferred. The course is part of the Centre for Critical Qualitative Health Research (CQ) Essentials of Qualitative Research (EQR) Course Series (  Priority will be given to students from the two units collaborating in its teaching (RSI and DLSPH) and to students from other CQ contributing departments/programs. Permission from Pia Kontos is required to register. Contact

General Requirements

  • Permission of the instructor is required for enrollment.