Seoul National University, South Korea
  • July 1-4, 2020 from 12:00pm to 12:00pm

Join us in attending the IGES Scientific Meeting from July 1 to 3!

Below are the Keynote Invited Speakers:

Dr. Zhengming Chen (Oxford University, UK)
Dr. Xihong Lin (Harvard University, USA)
Dr. Hongbing Shen (Nanjing Medical University, China) Special session on large population biobanks Dr. Geoffrey Ginsburg (Duke University, USA)
Dr. Philip Awadalla (Ontario Institute of Cancer Research) Dr. Y.J. Kim (National Institute of Health, Korea)

Join us for the Educational workshop held on July 4 as well!

Topic: Best practices, polygenic risk scores

University of Toronto McLaughlin Centre PRS team of statisticians and epidemiologists to present Best Practices and methodological gaps.

High risk and population-based prevention strategies Hands-on introduction to construction, assumptions, validation and calibration.
This is an introductory to intermediate level course. No prior experience with polygenic risk scores is required


Registration is open. Registration only $100 USD for trainees from Korea. Separate registration for workshop. Only $50USD for trainees.

Optional Ticketed Items July 1, 2020

Welcome Reception The Hoam House $25 for Guests

July 2, 2020

Evening Korea House
$50 for Members and Non-Members, $30 for Trainees, $80 for Guests

July 4, 2020

IGES Educational Workshop: PRS Best Practices $100 for Members and Non-Members, $50 for all Trainees

For more information: www.geneticepi.org/iges-2020
Combine your IGES trip with the International Biometric Society meeting, July 5-10 where IGES is sponsoring an invited session ibc2020.org