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Pingzhao Hu PhD,Statistical Genetics and Bioinformatics

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Lab Website: http://www.hu-bioinformaticslab.org
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Biostatistics Division
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Research Interests

  • Deep learning and visual analytics
  • Imaging genetics and electronic medical records
  • Genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics
  • Multidimensional omics data integration
  • Machine Learning and big data science

We are looking for excellent candidates (MSc and PhD) to join our NSERC CREATE Graduate Training Program in Visual and Automated Disease Analytics (VADA).  The candidates should have strong backgrounds in computer science and/or (bio)statistics. The positions are fully funded. 

To apply for the positions, please send a CV, transcripts and related reports/publications written in English to Dr. Pingzhao Hu at pingzhao.hu@utoronto.ca or pingzhao.hu@umanitoba.ca. More details can be found at http://www.hu-bioinformaticslab.org/positions.html.

Representative Publications


  1. P Hu*, X Wang*, JJ Haitsma, S Furmli, H Masoom, M Liu, AS Slutsky, J Beyene, CM Greenwood, CC dos Santos (2012). Microarray meta-analysis identifies acute lung injury biomarkers in donor lungs that predict development of primary graft failure in recipients. Plos One 7:e45506.
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  1. JD Mills, T Nalpathamkalam, HIL Jacobs, C Janitz, D Merico, P Hu, M Janitz (2013). RNA-Seq analysis of parietal cortex in Alzheimer’s disease reveals alternatively spliced isoforms related to lipid metabolism. Neuroscience Letters 536:90-95.
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