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Savithiri Ratnapalan MBBS, MEd

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Div. of Emergency Medicine, Hospital for Sick Children 555 University Ave. Toronto, ON M5G 1X8
Clinical Public Health Division
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Research Interests

  • Continuing Education
  • Project planning and Management in Health Professions
  • Sedation
  • Posoning and injury prevention in children
  • Paediatric emergency therapeutics
  • Medical education

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • Continuing Education in Health Professions CHL 5609
  • Continuing Education Planning, Management and Evaluation in Health Professions. CHL5611

Honours & Awards

  • Helen Batty Award for Faculty Development 2010-2011

Current Research Projects

Representative Publications

Al Shehri F, Duan L, Ratnapalan S. Psychosocial impacts of adult strabismus and strabismus surgery: A review of the literature. Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology/Journal Canadien d’Ophtalmologie 2016. (Nov) SRA 

Alshammary SA, Duraisamy B, Alsuhail A, Mhafzah M, Saleem LM, Mohamed N, Ratnapalan S. Diabetes management patterns in a palliative care unit in Saudi Arabia. Journal of Health Specialties. 2016 Apr1; 4 (2):116. Coll

Muskat B, Greenblatt A, Nicholas DB, Ratnapalan S, Cohen-Silver J, Newton AS, Craig WR, Kilmer C, Zwaigenbaum L. Parent and health care provider perspectives related to disclosure of autism spectrum disorder in Paediatric emergency departments. Autism. 2016 Feb 5:1362361315621520. Coll

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