Faculty Member

Harvey A. Skinner Ph.D.

Email Address(es)
Office Phone
(416) 736-5340
Office Address
Faculty of Health, York University 4700 Keele Street Toronto, ON M3J 1P3
Social & Behavioural Health Sciences Division
Professor Emeritus
SGS Status
Member Emeritus
Appointment Status

Research Interests

  • health behavior change: individual and organizational perspectives
  • information technology (Internet)and health: e-Health, telehealth
  • adolescent health promotion
  • addictions prevention, early identification and treatment
  • global public health

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • on extended leave from the University

Honours & Awards

Current Research Projects

  • 2006-2009 – Global Youth Voices: Linking New Technologies with Participatory Action Research
  • 2006-2009 – CISEPO: building Arab and Israeli cooperation through health initiatives
  • 2006-2009 – Adolescent Gambling Problems: Prevention and Early Intervention Using the Internet

Representative Publications

  • Skinner HA. (2002) Promoting Health Through Organizational Change. San Francisco, CA: Benjamin Cummings.
  • Skinner, HA, Maley O and Norman CD. Developing eHealth promotion Internet-based programs: The Spiral Technology Action Research (STAR) model. Health Promotion Practice October 2006, Volume 7, Issue 4.
  • Veinot TC, Flicker S, Skinner, HA, McClelland A, Saulnier P, Read SR, Goldberg E. “Supposed to make you better but it doesn’t really”: HIV-Positive Youths’ Perceptions of HIV Treatment. Journal of Adolescent Health, 2006, in press.International,17:363-371.
  • Skinner HA, Abdeen Z, Abdeen H, Aber P, Al-Masri M, Attias J, Avraham K, Carmi R, Chalin C, El Nasser Z, Hijazi M, Othman Jebara R, Kanaan M, Pratt H, Raad F, Roth Y, Williams AP and Noyek A. Promoting Arab and Israeli Cooperation: A Model for Peacebuilding through Health Initiatives. Lancet. 2005, 365:1274-77.
  • Noyek AM, Skinner HA, Davis D, Clark I, Sriharan A, Chalin CG. Building bridges of understanding through continuing education and professional development of Arabs and Israelis. Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, 2005, 25, 198-209.
  • Koo M and Skinner HA. Challenges of Internet recruitment – A case study with disappointing results. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 2005.
  • Lombardo, C and Skinner, HA. A virtual hug: prospects for self-help online. International Journal of Self Help and Self Care, 2004, 2(3), 205-218.
  • Skinner, HA, Biscope S, Murray, M and Korn D. Dares to addiction: Youth definitions and perspectives on gambling. Canadian Journal of Public Health; 2004, 95:264-267.
  • Skinner, H.A., Biscope,S. & Poland,B. Quality of Internet access: Barrier behind Internet use statistics. Social Science and Medicine, 2003, 57:875-880.
  • Skinner,H.A., Biscope,S,. Poland,B and Goldberg, E. How Adolescents Use Technology for Health Information: Implications for Practitioners. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2003, ;5(4):e32