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Nigel E. Turner Ph.D.

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416-535-8501 x 6063
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Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 33 Russell Street Toronto, ON M5S 2S1
Clinical Public Health Division
Assistant Professor
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Research Interests

  • My research interests centre around gambling addiction. I am interested in the etiology, prevalence, and prevention of disordered gambling.
  • One aspect of gambling that I am currently studying is the relationship between gambling and crime. The prevalence of disordered gambling in offender populations is 10 or more times higher than in the general population.

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

Honours & Awards

Current Research Projects

  • 2009- present – The Science of Problem Gambling – History and Future Directions: an historical. Agency: Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre.
  • 2008-present – Problem gambling inside & out: The assessment of community and institutional problem gambling in the Canadian correctional system.
  • 1999-present – An investigation of how the games work and how people interact with the games (including betting strategies, erroneou beliefs about how the games works, manipulation by the game).

Representative Publications

  • Turner, N.E., (in press). Lottery ticket preferences as indicated by the variation in the number of winners, Journal of Gambling Studies, DOI: 10.1007/s10899-009-9171-7
  • Turner, N.E., Horton, K.D., & Fritz, B. (2009). The relationship between explicit and implicit learning processes and probable pathological gambling. International Gambling Studies, 9, 245-262.
  • Turner, N.E., Preston, D.L., Saunders, C., McAvoy, S., & Umesh, J. (2009). The relationship of problem gambling to criminal behaviour in a sample of Canadian male federal offenders. Journal of Gambling studies, 25, 153-169.
  • Turner, N.E., Macdonald, J. & Somerset, M. (2008) Life skills, mathematical reasoning and critical thinking: A curriculum for the prevention of problem gambling. Journal of gambling studies, 24, 367-380.
  • Turner, N., Littman-Sharp, N., & Zangeneh, M. (2006). The experience of gambling and its role in problem gambling. International Gambling Studies, 6, 237-266.
  • Turner, N.E. & Horbay, R. (2004). How do slot machines and other electronic gambling machines actually work? Journal of Gambling Issues., Issue 11, 10-50. http://www.camh.net/egambling/issue11/index.html
  • Turner, N.E., Ialomiteanu, A. & Room, R. (1999). Checkered expectations: predictors of approval of opening a casino in the Niagara community. The Journal of Gambling Studies, 15, 45-70.
  • Turner, N.E. (1998a) Doubling vs. constant bets as strategies for gambling. The Journal of Gambling Studies, 14, 413-429.
  • Turner, N.E., Annis, H.M. & Sklar, S.M. (1997). Measurement of antecedents of drug use and drinking: Psychometric Properties of the Inventory of Drug Taking Situations (IDTS). Behavior Research and Therapy, 35, 465-483.
  • Turner N.E. (1998b). The effect of common variance and loading pattern on random data eigenvalues: Implications for the accuracy of Parallel Analysis. Education and Psychological Measurement., 58, 541-568