Students who have already been accepted into a participating doctoral program at the University of Toronto are eligible to apply to the CSGH. Application requirements are:

  1. A personal statement, no longer than two pages, single spaced, describing describing your global-health related experiences – including coursework and independent research completed at the undergraduate and/or Masters levels, as well as professional and volunteer experiences – and how these experiences have prepared you for the collaborative Specialization in Global Health;
  2. A curriculum vitae;
  3. Two academic writing samples (maximum 20 pages each).

In one PDF file, please send this CSGH Application Form and additional materials (listed above) to by the application PhD student deadline (June 9th, 2019)


For doctoral students admitted to the Collaborative Specialization in Global Health, formal requirements are:

1) Participation in CHL5701H: Doctoral Seminar, Collaborative Specialization in Global Health, a half-credit global health research seminar course, for two semesters during your studies. Students are encouraged to attend the CSGH seminar whenever they are in Toronto.

2) Completion of ONE core course. Students may choose between:

CHL 5702H: History of International Health (offered in 2018 Winter Term)

CHL 5704H: International Human Rights Law and Global Health: The Right to Health in Theory and Practice (not offered in 2017-18)

JCR 1000Y: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Global Challenges

NUR 1038H: Social Determinants of Health in a Global Context: Theories and Methods

NUR 1083H: Comparative Politics of Health and Health Policy in a Globalizing World

3) Completion of one approved elective course from outside your home department (this is in addition to the core course). The elective must be approved by the CSGH Director.

4) Writing and defending a thesis related to global health. Your advisor or one member of your doctoral dissertation committee must be part of the Collaborative Program Advisory Committee. Please see Contacts at Collaborating Graduate Doctoral Programs for list of Committee members.

5) Doctoral students participating in CSGH are responsible for meeting the doctoral requirements of their home departments.

Participating programs

The program is available to PhD students in the following participating graduate units: