Our work is organized along a foundational theme: “Creating and Spreading Health” and five initial sub-themes designed to allow for maximum inclusion of potential participants in a “coalition of the willing.” This coalition includes a growing number of community members, students, faculty and staff members of academic institutions, and leaders of non-profit, civil society and corporate sector organizations willing and able to undertake projects addressing topics located at the intersection of health, equity and social innovation.

The sub-themes are:

Politics, privilege and power, which highlights the underlying, sometimes invisible issues that drive health inequalities

Achieving convergence, which questions the ability for countries to reach convergence in health in a world that is rife with conflict and suffering from the effects of climate change, gender-based and other socio-economic inequities, lack of access to universal health coverage, education, and human rights

Preventing the preventable, treating the treatable, transcending the inevitable, which focuses on closer integration of primary care and public health to promote health equity

Urbanism, health, and the growth of megacities, which focuses on health challenges that arise as more of the world’s population flock to urban areas, creating fertile grounds for inequity and poor health

Global big data, which highlights the promise of utilizing the enormous data at our fingertips to create health policies that improve equitable access to and quality of appropriate health systems