Course Requirements: 4.0 FCE

CHL5004H: Introduction to Public Health Science 0.5
CHL5207Y: Laboratory in Statistical Design and Analysis 1.0
CHL5209H: Survival Analysis I 0.5
CHL5210H: Categorical Data Analysis 0.5
CHL5250H: Biostatistics Seminars 0.5
Plus one of the following: 0.5
 CHL5226H: Mathematical Foundations of Biostatistics 0.5
STA2112H: Mathematical Statistics I 0.5
Plus one of the following:
CHL5223H: Applied Bayesian Methods 0.5
STA2212H: Mathematical Statistics II 0.5

Note: Students in the Thesis option are not required to take electives. Sometimes there are exceptions where a student wishes to substitute a required course with an elective. This student must consult with the Division Head.

MSc Thesis

A Master’s thesis with general content pre-approved by the student’s supervisory committee is required. To replace required course training hours the thesis must include an in-depth analysis and interpretation of data from the health or biological sciences. An oral defense of the thesis is required.


  • 12 months full-time study (non-thesis based) or 16-24 months full-time (thesis based)
  • Up to 6 years part-time