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Greening DLSPH Initiatives

February 17/2012

Bottle-free School – Meetings and events sponsored by the DLSPH and it's divisions should make every effort to avoid purchasing single-use plastic bottles of water.

Bisphenol-A (BPA) Information – Information about BPA and the effect on your body when food is microwaved in plastic containers.

Caterers – A selected list of local caterers, restaurants and cafes that offer fair-trade, local produce, organic products or, are part of the rainforest alliance.

De-Clutter your used goods – places to donate, recycle or sell your stuff.

ENERGY STAR© Policy – The DLSPH has adopted a policy that ensures that new electronics and appliances purchased by the School will be ENERGY STAR© logo qualified, where available.

Green Bin Program – Green bins for organic waste are available in the kitchens and lounges throughout the DLSPH for your convenience.

Reusable water bottles – The DLSPH is selling reusable metal water bottles for only $10.00.

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