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Dr. Bernard Choi, Gold Medal Recipient

December 12/2012

Dr. Bernard Choi, an Associate Professor of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, is the recipient of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada’s 2012 Gold Medal Award, in recognition of his vision and scientific research contributions to public health in Canada and worldwide. He is Senior Research Scientist at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), and is the first laureate from PHAC to receive the Gold Medal. Dr. Choi has improved chronic disease prevention and control through integrated policy and program development, surveillance, and knowledge development and dissemination. His work has provided a vision of modern day health surveillance and how it can be achieved globally.  Dr. Choi has advanced strategic influence on decision-making in the public service in the areas of public health in Canada and worldwide. He developed the “chronic disease clock”, an online clock that conveys the impact and urgency of chronic disease on the health of Canadians. He is a leader in building national and international networks of public health professionals, including the Canadian Alliance for Regional Risk Factor Surveillance (CARRFS), Americas’ Network for Chronic Disease Surveillance (AMNET), and World Alliance for Risk Factor Surveillance (WARFS). Since 1937, the Professional Institute has been awarding its Gold Medal annually to one outstanding professional public service employee whose outstanding research work has led to the improvement of public well-being both in Canada and globally.

The laureates since 2004 are:
KUTTY KARTHA – 2004 –  National Research Council
DEREK C.G. MUIR – 2005 –  Environment Canada
JAMES E. CLARK – 2006 – Canadian Food Inspection Agency
DWIGHT WILLIAMSON – 2007 – Manitoba Water Stewardship Division
DAN BEAVON – 2008 – Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
KEITH U. INGOLD – 2009 – National Research Council
RICHARD C. BENNETT – 2010 – British Columbia Ministry of the Environment
RONALD DePAUW – 2011 – Agriculture Canada
BERNARD CHOI – 2012 – Public Health Agency of Canada

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