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4th Annual Cross-​STIHR Research Training Day

May 9/2013

Joining Efforts for an Enlightening 4th Annual Cross-STIHR Research Training Day!

The 15 U of T-based Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) funded Strategic Training Initiative in Health Research (STIHR) programs joined efforts for a 4th consecutive successful Annual Cross-STIHR Research Training Day on April 23, 2013.

The event, held at the Health Sciences Building, drew some sixty participants from the U of T STIHR Community with a broad range of presentations on effective communication of research to diverse audiences. Ten faculty members, law, and communication specialists engaged trainees on the topics of knowledge translation, grant writing, scientific health research, privacy, public relations and the media, including a stimulating presentation by DLSPH faculty Dr. Donald Cole on “Communicating Research Methods, ļ¬ndings, and Implications in Global Contexts.”

The overarching goal of the STIHR programs is to increase research capacity across the four CIHR pillars with the overall goal of improving population health with vibrant comprehensive training programs that foster a new generation of scientists and highly qualified personnel capable of conducting and leading innovative interdisciplinary research in competitive complex multidisciplinary environments.

U of T is home to 15 STIHR programs, the largest concentration in Canada. Three are led by DLSPH faculty members:

In their combined operations, the 15 U of T STIHRs have transformed the careers of over 800 national and international trainees, substantially increasing research capacity in each of their very necessary fields.