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DLSPH Open: A Brief Update on COVID

July 16/2020

Dear DLSPH Community,

We normally don’t publish our School Bulletin during the summer months, but these are not normal times. In this issue, you can catch up on the many ways our faculty, students and alumni are involved in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic through research, education and public engagement. (I’m proud that since the pandemic began, our faculty members have spoken with the media almost 1,000 percent more than the same time last year.)

Adalsteinn Brown
Professor and Dean

Many of you are anxious to know when you can return to our physical spaces and what September will look like. As you may have read in University President Meric Gertler’s letter earlier this week, we’re committing to offering “a rich mix of learning opportunities and formats, combining online and in-person modes of delivery.” At DLSPH, all of our Fall courses can be taken remotely, and some may offer a hybrid option that could include small, socially distant in-person meetings. Please stay tuned for more information on this throughout the summer.

In terms of returning to our buildings, the University has committed to keeping the majority of employees working remotely for now. We will communicate any changes broadly with our community, including by email, social media, and on our website. No matter how you follow news from DLSPH/IHPME, you will learn about important decisions and changes as they happen.

For now, I’ll close by urging you to take time to relax this summer even if you can’t get away.

We don’t talk much about burnout in public health, but in the midst of a pandemic, it’s important to realize that public health professionals are vulnerable to it. You are exposed to disturbing information; you feel increased pressure and stress; and many of you are being asked to perform at a higher level than ever before despite the burdens of caregiving and other personal responsibilities.

The University offers a wide range of supports, including our Employee and Family Assistance Program, as well as mindfulness, yoga and other supports. I hope you can practice self-care in whatever way works for you.

All my best,

Steini Brown