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DLSPH Launches New Equity Hub

February 3/2022

Dear DLSPH Community,

We would like to take a moment to share with you the launch of DLSPH’s first Equity Hub. There is and has been excellent work happening around the school being led by students, faculty, and staff to help move the needle on issues related to equity, inclusivity and belonging. At times many of us miss opportunities to attend, support, explore and engage with this excellent work because we’re unaware of it.

Ryan Hinds, Director, Equity Diversity and Inclusion

The DLSPH Equity Hub aims to improve this communication and provide a central space where we can find much of the tremendous work impacting, changing and being supported by our School. Led by DLSPH’s communications team, the site offers information on recent news and initiatives, future training, links to the work of the WBIIH, direction for Incident Disclosures for Students, information on staff and faculty supporting this work, and other ways DLSPH is supporting or advancing priorities related to equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism. You’ll also find information on upcoming equity related events like DLSPH’s Black History Month events starting with our February 3rd Fireside Chat.

Special thanks to Francoise Makanda and Heidi Singer for all the hard work and heavy lifting to pull this together and to all the staff, faculty and students that provided feedback to get us here. The Equity Hub will go through evolutions and iterations as we continue to improve how it communicates and interacts with our DLSPH community, but we invite you all to visit the page and see what happening at DLSPH around equity, inclusion and belonging. If you know of other initiatives that aren’t captured, please feel free to send a note to


Ryan Hinds
Director, Equity Diversity and Inclusion