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Alumni Member

Shaun Cleaver

What program did you graduate from and when did you graduate?

Rehabilitation Sciences and the Collaborative Doctoral Program in Global Health. I defended my thesis in August, and graduated in November, 2016.

What are you doing professionally? Can you share a little about any particular global health projects?

I do participatory research and engage in community collaboration with disabled persons’ organizations in Zambia. Essentially, the groups and I strategize together to find ways to maximize our collective strengths and solve problems. I have chronicled some segments of that journey more closely at

Why did you choose to study global health at U of T?

To be part of a transdisciplinary global health student community.

How has your Dalla Lana School of Public Health global health learning experience enhanced your career?

The ongoing interaction with other students was incredibly valuable. Together, we were able to organize in ways that went above and beyond what the university was willing or able to support. Even after graduation, we continue to provide mutual support in navigating the contemporary competitive and precarious world of academia.

What would you say to a prospective student who is considering a global health specialization at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health?

A global health-focused community provides opportunities to engage in activities, and focus on topics, that are likely not available in other spaces.