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Collaborative Specialization in Global Health Master’s Program

Through various activities, including coursework and practicum placements, Master’s students in the Collaborative Specialization in Global Health (CSGH) will reflect and learn about global health while connecting with global health communities at the School, the University of Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada, and the rest of the world. Master’s CSGH students explore the complexities of global health scholarship and praxis, from a social determinants of health and population health perspective, as a means of developing a basic understanding of the political economy of global health, the linkages between local and global health challenges, ethical issues, and policy and program development.

Application Requirements

Students who have already been accepted into a participating Master’s program at the University of Toronto can apply to the CSGH.

Application deadline is Sunday, June 23rd, 2024 at 11:59pm 

Application requirements for the CSGH:

  1. Application form – CSGH – 2024
  2. A personal statement (two pages, single spaced) – Describe your global-health-related experiences – including coursework and independent research completed at the undergraduate and/or Master’s levels, as well as professional and volunteer experiences – and how these experiences have influenced your interest in global health and prepared you for the Collaborative Specialization in Global Health.
  3. A curriculum vitae.
  4. An academic writing sample (maximum 10 pages) – This may include research paper completed for course work; undergraduate or graduate thesis; peer review publication). Please select writing sample (s) that reflect your individual contribution to the work (e.g. 1st author)

Program Requirements

To complete the CSGH, Masters students must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Successfully complete CHL5700H – Global Health (0.5 FCE) is the core course requirement for students enrolled in the Master’s stream of the Collaborative Specialization in Global Health (CSGH). The course is an invitation to future researchers, educators, advocates, policy makers, and practitioners to work across disciplinary/professional boundaries, as well as cultural ones, and engage fundamental questions-both theoretical and applied -in global health. CHL5700 explores the theories, lessons and skills customarily considered central to global health and the ways in which these are embodied, enacted, and realized. While numerous real-life examples are introduced to illustrate global health concepts, challenges, and opportunities, and to stimulate discussion, the course provides a space for dialogue, critical reflection, and the development of hypotheses for informed and committed action, or praxis1, more than an opportunity to examine a catalogue of global-health-related case studies. CHL5700 is currently being redesigned and will be offered in winter 2021. more information about the course format and schedule will be provided once confirmed.

1 – Carr, W.; Kemmins, S. (1986) Becoming Critical: Education, Knowledge and Action Research. P.190. New York: Routledge Farmer.

  1. Depending on the requirements of their core Master’s programs, students in the CSGH will have to complete either a practicum placement, a major research paper, or a Master’s thesis that is related to global health.
  2. All students are strongly encouraged to participate in at least two global health events, conferences, symposia, activities etc. outside of class.
  3. Coursework-only master’s students (Engineering, Public Health, and Law only) must complete additional FCE in global health electives. Students in coursework only programs in Engineering (MEng) and Public Health (MScCH) must complete an additional 1.0 FCE in approved global health electives. Students in the coursework only Law Program (LLM) must complete an additional 1.5 FCE in approved global health electives.

Participating programs

The program is available to Masters students in the following participating graduate units:

If your program/degree is not listed above but you have interest in participating, please contact