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Applied Learning in Bioethics (Practicum)

Course Number
3000 (Bioethics)
Course Instructor(s)
Rosanna Macri

Course Description

This is an independent study course in the sense that there are no in class lectures.

Course Objectives

The overarching goal of this Practicum course is to provide a context for the integration of theory and practice. In other words, the practicum will provide the occasion for you to observe how theory informs practice. The Practicum has three sub-goals:

  • To provide students with in vivo practical experience in Bioethics related work settings. The student may be interested in gaining practical experience in areas such as: clinical ethics consultation, organizational ethics, ethics education, ethics policy development or ethics research.
  • To provide students with mentorship throughout the practicum placement. The course is designed to give the student an opportunity to work in the area of bioethics under the supervision of a person with advanced training in bioethics.
  • The third goal is to provide a setting for students to develop and implement a Capstone project. See below under the Practical Bioethics Course for more information about the Capstone project.