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Appraising and Applying Evidence to Assist Clinical Decision-​Making

Course Number
5600 (Clinical Public Health)
Course Instructor(s)
MaryBeth DeRocher, Candice Holmes

Course Description

This course provides a theoretical review of methods to critique literature that is pertinent to Family Medicine. In each session there is a discussion about methods that may be used to effectively incorporate evidence-based medicine into teaching in the clinical setting.

This is an online learning course comprised of eight modules and one final assignment over the course of 12 weeks. The learner is responsible for absorbing the content in each module through required readings, review of the concepts presentation, participation in the quizzes and submission of the assignments (Discussion Groups and Analysis Papers).

Course Objectives

  • To develop competency in the process of critically appraising medical literature relevant to family practice;
  • To develop competency in assessing the evidence-based from which practice policies for the family medicine setting can be developed;
  • To develop competency in methods of engaging students in the practice of evidence based medicine while gaining clinical experience in the supervised practice setting;
  • To develop competency in persuing web-based strategies to enhance practice based learning;
  • To stimulate the student to achieve your own personal objectives to improve your skills as a clinician and clinical teacher or healthcare provider.

Methods of Assessment

Module assignments, case discussions & quizzes
Final paper

General Requirements

  • Registration in a Graduate Studies Program related to Health Sciences
  • For more information, please contact:
    Tel: (416) 978-1914