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Biostatistics I

Course Number
5200 (Biostatistics)
Course Instructor(s)
Kevin E Thorpe, Lennon Li

Course Description

This course is an introduction to statistical techniques and reasoning and will focus on both the theory and practice of biostatistics as it applies to epidemiology; descriptive and graphical methods, estimation, tests of hypotheses, applied to both means and proportions, in both paired and independent samples; simple linear regression, introduction to analysis of variance.

Course Objectives

  • To develop basic statistical analysis skills required in epidemiologic and health care research.
  • To be able to critically appraise basic statistical analysis used in epidemiology and health care research.
  • To acquire practice in communicating those skills through presenting the results of statistical analysis and interpreting them both orally and in written work.

Methods of Assessment

Problem sets 40%
Weekly Quizzes 40%
Final Exam 20%

General Requirements

  • A prior course in statistics (which may have been given in a department of statistics, psychology, sociology etc.) is desirable.

Exclusion: Introduction to Quantitative Research (CHL5220H)