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Doctoral Seminar Series in Biostatistics

Course Number
5200 (Biostatistics)
Course Instructor(s)
Wendy Lou, Aya Mitani

Course Description

The course is intended to improve presentation and writing skills for scientific careers, to give exposure to a wide range of Biostatistics research questions, to provide professional development opportunities, and to engage students and faculty in the biostatical community. Students are required to register and enroll for at least three consecutive years during their PhD program.

The class will meet on a weekly basis for a one-hour seminar, given by either PhD student(s), guest speaker(s), or faculty member(s). Students are required to present their research work, especially work in progress, at least once a year depending on the stage of their PhD studies.

Methods of Assessment

Participation 20%
Presentation, year 1 25%
Presentation, year 2 25%
Presentation, year 3 30%